We've been up to something again and would like to share Free URL Indexer with you. Okay, wtf is an indexer? And why is it free? Why did you build it? Do you know what you are doing?

What is a URL Indexer?

Have you meticulously crafted a website or meticulously written a blog post, only to find it buried deep in search engine results? This frustrating experience is familiar to many content managers especially when valuable information fails to reach its intended audience. Fear not, for there's a solution in the form of indexer tools. These tools aren't magical spells, but they can provide a significant boost to your content's visibility.

So, what exactly do indexer tools do? In simple terms, they help your website or content get noticed by search engines like Google. URL indexers function as specialized tools designed to influence the indexing process of specific web pages within search engines like Google. They typically utilize two primary strategies: URL submission and backlink building. URL submission involves directly notifying search engines about your pages' existence, prompting them to crawl and index the content. Alternatively, backlink building focuses on acquiring links from other websites pointing to yours, signaling to search engines that your content is relevant and trustworthy, hence deserving a higher ranking in search results.

Essentially, indexer tools function as shortcuts to search engine recognition.

Why did you build a URL indexer?

Great question! There are plenty of great URL indexers already such as Omega Indexer. You can even submit them in Google Search Console. So why build one? We built an online fax service because of the need to send a one time fax without a subscription. What if you just wanted to submit a URL instead of having a subscription to an app for batch processing? So once again we decided to scratch a boring itch.

How is Free URL Indexer Different?

1. Submit one URL at a time (instead of batches)
2. It's free (instead of a subscription service)

How does Free URL Indexer work?

1. Submit a URL to be indexed along with an email address (to prevent spam, mostly)
2. URL gets in line behind all the URLs submitted beforehand

Free URL Indexer (FURLI, I guess so I don't have to keep retyping it) runs a job a few times today to submit batches of URLs from the database to various APIs and services to be indexed. If you imagine a giant spreadsheet of URLs where rows get added for every free URL submission, FURLI will grab a few records at a time from the oldest rows in the spreadsheet that have not been processed. First In, First Out.

What if you don't want to wait in line?

Well that's how this little app might buy us some beers. After submitting a URL, it can be boosted for a flat fee. Boosting a URL skips to the front of the line and often times comes with bonuses like backlinks and social mentions.